Paraklete Institute

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PARAKLETE INSTITUTE is Africa’s leading certification education provider, offering industry-grade learning courses in the domain of Project Management and digital economy. Paraklete Institute is approved, licensed and recognized globally as a Premier Authorized Training Partner (ATP #5299) of the Project Management Institute (PMI-USA) ®️ and has since 2012 gained immense accolades, operating as a global certification partnering body, with registered affiliates as:

  • Paraklete Consulting Inc. (SARL) in Cameroon, with No. RCCM: RC/DLA/2018/B/3809), 0465/CCIMA/SG/DEIE/DEA/SIE/BIFC; NIU : M101812727420A; Account No.09011000182, UBA.
  • Paraklete Institute – a professional education Centre registered in Cameroon, (Ministerial No. 041/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP /SDGSF/ CSACD du/of 05 January 2012
  • Paraklete Training and Consulting Limited (Cert. No. 2021-6758-02656-07175; Nigeria
  • Paraklete Consulting LLC (Delaware File No.:6226891, EIN:301299223, USA)