What do you offer in a training?

  • A licensed access key to turn-key content, and a personalized student dashboard provided by PMI USA through us to our students.
  • Access to Quality Exam Practice Simulators to get you 100% Ready to pass your exam with the lowest repeat rate access to digital contents, tutorial manuals, quality assessment tools, printable manuals,
    bonus certification courses to get incremental success through your program, and show your success to your community on LinkedIn while progressing through the course
  • A multimedia well equipped learning environment and library at our learning centers for students who prefer to study on-site, off their congested home environments
  • An exam center, equipped for candidates to take their final certification exams
  • A preferential link for our students to connect with PMI USA and give their comments and feedback concerning the training, and to benefit from PMI events
  • We accompany our candidates from onboarding, through building their certification application and audit review assistance to vet their qualifications and eligibility to take the PMI exam, to payment and scheduling of their exams, monitoring exam changes and issue resolution assistance, to celebrating their successes
  • Several opportunities for professional internship development of our candidates in real-world projects