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A project manager managing a video project was informed by a team member about a complex problem that can have a drastic negative impact on the project. The project manager immediately defined the cause of problem by analyzing the problem using a fishbone diagram, identified a solution, and implemented the solution. The project manager recently received a call from the same team member and was informed that the same problem has resurfaced. What did the project manager most likely forget to do?

You are overseeing the implementation of a new computer structure at the local hospital. You are currently identifying all the internal and external stakeholders who have an interest in your project and can positively or negatively impact your project. While identifying the stakeholders, you realize that stakeholder identification:

Stakeholders have to be identified early in the project, and the needs of stakeholders have to be documented. While the project progresses, changes could occur to the list of project stakeholders. What should the project manager should do to remain updated about stakeholders and their needs?

A project manager is evaluating options to set expectations to the team clearly so that the team complies to the code of conduct. What is the project manager trying to establish?

Which of the following financial metrics measures the loss or gain based on the money invested and returns?

Organizational culture plays a vital role in the success of projects and is an important consideration. Which of the following factors does NOT shape culture?

You have recently been assigned as a project manager for a new and highly complex project to send a satellite into space. There are several stakeholders in the project, and you are working on a communications plan to identify the information and communication needs of the people involved. You do this by determining what needs to be communicated, when, to whom, with what method, in which format, and how frequently. It is extremely important that you develop your communications plan

You are working for a healthcare facility and are overseeing the implementation of a new computer infrastructure and office automation project at the local hospital. You have made efforts to ensure that a rigorous test was done and scope was validated prior to any major release in the project. Recently, you made the final delivery to the customer and communicated news of the success to all relevant members of the project. You were surprised when the customer called to inform you that he was not happy with the release as it did not support one of his key functionalities and demanded that the feature be added as soon as possible. What should you do first in this kind of situation?

A software company created a base package that must be implemented for each customer. Which of the following will be used to ensure that the new base functionality does not break existing custom features and that the changes are evaluated across all relevant versions of the product?

Which of the following techniques translates project objectives into tangible deliverables and requirements by improving the project team’s understanding of the product?

To ensure that the project deliverables meet requirements, it is essential to understand the team’s strengths. Which of the following tools is useful to assess the team’s strengths?

Regular assessment and training is essential for project team members so that they will have the skills required to deliver the task assigned to them. What would be best course of action to confirm the effectiveness of the training?

The project manager of a global project engages with the team virtually and spends significant amount of time and energy to ensure effective team collaboration. Which of the following can be the best alternative to team reviews in virtual environments?

Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning a project management office (PMO)?

You are managing a large IT project. A severe cost overrun causes major concern to the key stakeholders and sponsor. You schedule an urgent meeting to discuss the root cause of the concern and illustrate the corrective and preventive actions you are planning to take. You are also planning to inform the audience in the meeting that the project is ahead of schedule and that most of the major deliverables are already completed and accepted by the stakeholders. What kind of communication does this meeting represent?

Which of the following is NOT true about Motivator-Hygiene theory?

17. Ashley, a senior project manager, recently took over a project to produce a safe and effective drug from another project manager who just left the company. Ashley was surprised to find there was no change control board or change control process established for the project. Why is it important to have robust change control for any project to be successful?

18. Which of the following is NOT a typical external factor that influences a project?

19. You were given a budget of $3000, and you spent $2000. However, you only completed $1200 worth of work. What do you currently expect the TOTAL project to cost, considering your situation?

20. During a team meeting, there are disagreements among the team members regarding a few stories. What is helpful in specifying how the team handles such disagreements?

21. Which of the following is not a tool used for pre-assessment?

22. While reviewing your project schedule, you realize that you have two pending activities that you need to complete as soon as possible. You must set up the development server in the lab and then start coding. Upon further investigation, you find out that you must run the server for three days without failure before the coding starts. This is an example of:

23. You are utilizing a technique of reconciling the expenditure of funds with the funding limits set for the project. As per the variance between expenditure of funds and planned limit, you are trying to reschedule activities to level out the rates of expenditures. This technique is known as:

24. You are overseeing a project to implement an online travel package reservation system that has 6 sponsors and 13 stakeholders. You want to make sure that your project stakeholders will receive the correct version of the product. Which of the following plans will you use to specify how versioning information will be tracked?

25. Senior management has asked you to shorten your project schedule by 2 months by any means. In order to achieve the target, you added a couple of additional resources to the team and also approved unlimited overtime for the team members. You realize that you are taking the risk of potential conflicts and additional management time and cost to the project. The technique you are using is:

26. Team norms have to be established during the beginning of the project so that the team is equipped to handle challenges as the project progresses. Which of the following is NOT included in the team norms?

27. During the executing stage of a project to develop a cashiering application for a retail customer, a senior stakeholder requested that you slightly modify the project scope to incorporate an additional feature. What will be your first course of action?

28. You are overseeing a project to build a robot which will operate on electricity as well as solar power. The robot should have face and voice recognition capability; it should help the owner with daily household activities and keep him or her company. The robot should be able to learn from various experiences, develop its memory, and gradually make more complex decisions on its own. In which of the following documents should this information be captured?

29. You are managing a project to develop an online PMP exam simulator to help students practice exam questions in a real-life environment. The team has completed design work, received approval from the technical review team, and initiated coding work. Your management asks you what you currently expect the TOTAL project to cost, and you assure them that the rest of the job will be done as per budget. Which of the following formulas will you use to get the most accurate estimate at completion (EAC)?

30. The project manager, project team members, and procurement managers are actively involved in negotiating contracts. Which of the following may the Project team NOT suggest?

31. Task identification and tracking is done by the team without active involvement of the project managers in typical Agile approaches. Which of the following can the team use as an information radiator to track the tasks?

32. Which of the following techniques can a project manager use to analyze skill gaps of team members?

33. Which of the following is useful for effective planning of meetings, coordination, feedback, and improving visibility?

34. A new stakeholder has recently been identified for your project. He will be helping team members with data validation and other testing. The stakeholder asks the project manager about the scheduling methodology and tools that will be used in the schedule development. He would also like to know about schedule change control procedures, reporting formats, and frequencies. Which of the following documents may the project manager refer him to?

35. Your team is working on the installation and configuration of a database server. A project manager from another project called you to inform you that she is waiting for the completion of the server setup as her team will also be using the server for their testing. You inform the project manager that the server installation and configuration will be delayed by a few days. What kind of dependency does the other project have on your project?

36. A project is following a life cycle where requirements are defined in a backlog, and the project team delivers the backlog items based on the priorities of the project sponsor in two-week iterations. What type of project life cycle is the team following?

37. Multiphase projects are planned by developing phases that are performed sequentially to ensure proper control of the project and attain the desired product, service, or result. In some cases, it is necessary to accelerate the project life cycle by overlapping project phases. Which of the following is NOT true about this kind of overlapping relationship?

38. Which of the following does NOT describe the project charter?

39. As a project manager, you and your team are mainly focused on finding a less costly way to do the same work and on achieving more out of the project in every possible way to increase the bottom line, decrease costs, improve quality, and optimize the schedule without reducing or impacting the scope. Which of the following techniques are you most likely using?

40. Which of the following leadership styles focuses on supporting the team and addressing their needs?

42. Which of the following assessments explores alternatives to overcome or avoid the risk?

43. A project manager working on implementing WIMAX connectivity in a rural area has to deploy several network devices and set up POPs to house those devices. She performed a cost-benefit analysis and was concerned about the high cost of nonconformance as a result of not following the proper quality procedures in the project. What should the project manager do?

44. A project manager has observed that the project team members’ performance is deteriorating and motivation has also reduced. What is the best course of action the project manager can initiate?

45. Which of the following tools is not used to measure team performance?

46. A project manager is performing formal and informal assessments to identify the specific training, coaching, mentoring, assistance, or changes required to improve a team’s performance and effectiveness. Which of the following is the project manager performing?

47. A project manager overseeing a WIMAX deployment project just completed negotiation for three additional resources from different functional areas as well as extra reserve money for her project. During the negotiation, two of the functional managers were very skeptical about the request for additional resources and were reluctant to assign their resources to her project. She attempted to influence the functional managers using her association with a high-level executive. Which of the following forms of power is she using in this situation?

48. A project manager overseeing a construction project negotiated a deal with a tools and equipment rental company for different tools needed for the project. As a part of the deal, the rental company will supply all ten pieces of equipment for a total price of $3000/month for the duration of the project. Which of the following costs is this an example of?

49. A project manager is in the Acquire project team process and is trying to secure the best possible resources to build a project team for carrying out project activities efficiently. What will be the output of this process?

50. Which of the following is essential for delivering the high-level organization strategy?

51. Identifying and assessing the stakeholders is accomplished various ways. Which of the following would NOT be suitable for this?

52. In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, accomplishment, respect, attention, and appreciation are represented as:

53. You presented your project cost estimates to the sponsor, but she is upset about the inaccuracy of the estimates and demands that the estimates be as accurate as possible. Which of the following techniques will help you most in the situation?

54. Steve is a system engineer who is extremely dedicated and hardworking. His deliverables are always on time, accurate, and of desired quality. He also has a reputation of being a nice guy and being liked by everyone in the organization. Considering all these factors, senior management has decided to assign Steve as a project manager for a critical engineering project. This is an example of:

55. Henry, a project manager, utilizes different conflict resolution techniques to resolve conflicts in his project. He created an open environment so that his team members feel free to discuss their concerns and issues. He is also focused on resolving issues rather than fixing the personalities of his team members, and he pays more attention to the present than the past. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques will lead to the least sustaining positive result?

56. Facilitating meetings and sessions is an effective technique for:

57. Which of the following is NOT an element of self-regulation?

58. You are responsible for making arrangements for your company’s annual picnic. You have taken all the necessary actions and have reserved an outdoor park on a particular day. You have bought umbrellas and rented tents just in case you need them. Which of the following risk strategies are you using in this case?

59. Steve is a project manager for a power company and is currently supervising a solar panel installation project for a local real estate builder. The project has fifteen team members and eighteen internal and external stakeholders. One of the team leads sends Steve a status report of his team’s deliverables and indicates that a major component is completed. Steve is convinced that the team lead is not fully honest in his communication and that the major component is far from being completed. Steve is about to have a meeting with the key stakeholders on the project status. What is the best course of action for Steve in this kind of situation?

60. In the communication process, a basic model of communication that exhibits how information is sent from the sender and how it is received by the receiver has all the following components EXCEPT:

61. While overseeing a software engineering project, you find that one of the subcontractors failed to deliver on the last three projects. Upon further investigation, you learn that there are several complaints filed against this subcontractor and that they have a very bad reputation in the market. Realizing that is it too big a risk, you terminate the contract with the subcontractor and instead hire a couple of individuals to work on the components. Which risk response strategy did you use in this situation?

62. Your management asked you to study the work method to determine a faster, less costly, and more efficient method to complete the project. This is an example of:

63. You are in the monitor risks process of identifying, analyzing, and planning for newly arising risks, taking corrective actions, and reviewing the execution and effectiveness of risk responses. Which of the following is NOT a tool and technique to monitor risks?

64. Why is it essential to document assumptions from the point of initiation of your project?

65. Which of the following is NOT a tool and technique of the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process?

66. You are overseeing a large construction project to build a power plant. Your company has purchased a big piece of land close to a mountain and far away from the city for the plant. One of your team members reports to you that they found some artifacts during construction. Upon initial assessment, you realize these artifacts have some archaeological significance. What should you do in this kind of situation?

67. An important stakeholder identified a problem with one of the features of a software application your team is working on and submitted a change request. Even though it was out of the project’s scope, the change control board approved the change. What should you do next?

68. You have identified various impediments, obstacles, and blockers in a project, and they must be resolved on priority. You decide to refer to the project management best practices and identifies the popular techniques. Which of the following is NOT the right technique to prioritize impediments, obstacles, and blockers?

69. While working on a construction project, you need to find out if any of your team members are available to work during the coming weekend. Which of the following documents will help you MOST in this situation?

70. You will be making $10,000 in a two-year project. The cost of capital is ten percent and the initial investment is $6000. You have another project that has a net present value of $9500. If you compare the net present value, which project should you select?

71. Your team members have created a requirement document, a scope statement document, and a work breakdown structure. They have identified twenty work packages and completed the WBS dictionary. Some of these team members were also involved in creating the business case and conducting the feasibility study at the early stage of the project. Which of the following items will the team members work on now?

72. Your twenty-mile railway construction project is not going well. You were supposed to complete the project today, exactly forty weeks from the start of the project. You found out that only 75 percent of the work is completed. Based on this status, approximately when would you expect the project to be completed?

73. You created a change control board (CCB) for your project since there is no centralized one in your organization. You also want to follow a robust integrated change control process in your project. Which of the following is NOT a primary goal of performing the integrated change control process?

74. One of your hardware vendors sends you an e-mail stating that due to severe bad weather, she will not be able to deliver the networking equipment on time. You respond to this risk by leasing the required equipment from a local company until yours arrives. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

75. You are trying to measure how diverse the population is in your data set. First, you find the mean by taking the average of all data points and then you calculate the average of how far each individual point is from that mean. You are using:

76. Conflicts in the project happen for various reasons, and it is very important to resolve them. Effective resolution requires proper understanding of the causes of the conflicts. Which of the following are the probable causes of conflicts?

77. Your organization is having a severe cash flow problem, and you were asked to minimize the cost in your small project as much as possible. Which of the following processes may you consider eliminating in such a scenario?

78. Which of the following is TRUE about the request for bid (RFB) or an invitation for bid (IFB)?

79. According to Herzberg’s Motivator-hygiene theory, which of the following is not a hygiene factor?

80. You decide to use a combination of tools and techniques to identify risks in your data center project. Which of the following tools is NOT used for risk identification?

81. Which of the following processes documents configuration management activities in a project?

82. While overseeing a construction project, you are informed by the site supervisor that the painting team has showed up even though the dry wall team is not even half done. The painting team lead is not sure when his team is supposed to start the work. Which of the following is contributing MOST to this issue?

83. Stakeholders collaborate frequently during the project through daily standups, review meetings, and informal discussions so that there are timely updates to status of the project. On what basis should the frequency of stakeholder engagement be defined?

84. You are managing a software application project to develop an online PMP simulator budgeted for $90,000 to assist students to practice exam questions in a real-life environment. The team has completed design work, received approval from the technical review team, and initiated coding work. When asked by management what you currently expect the project to cost, you think that the costs you have incurred till now are typical for the rest of the project. While reviewing the current status of the project, you found that AC = $30,000 and EV = $35,000. What is your estimate at completion (EAC)?

85. While in the control procurements process, you are meeting with your seller to inspect the seller’s progress in delivering the project scope and quality within cost and on schedule as specified in the contract. Your objective is to identify the performance progress or failures, noncompliance, and areas where performance is a problem. Which of the following are you performing?

86. You are working for a cruise company as a project manager. Your company offers luxury tours to couples at a reasonable price. Currently, the company is considering adding more tours to a few other popular destinations during the holiday season in order to enhance traffic and profitability. Which risk response strategy are you using?

87. Your organization has outsourced a large portion of the activities of an ERP implementation project to a vendor. According to the contract, the vendor is supposed to review the design and code of any major component with the technical review group (TRG) of your organization. So far, the vendor has completed and deployed three major components without the approval of the TRG team. As a project manager, what should you do in this situation?

88. You are having an issue with one of the manufacturing processes used to create the required parts for routers and switches that your company produces. Due to this major quality problem, only 15 percent of the parts manufactured have been within the control limits set by the manage quality team. Higher management asks you to review the process activities to determine where the process went wrong. Which type of diagram should you use?

89. A project manager is in the Plan Communications Management process of identifying the information and communication needs of the people involved in a project by determining what needs to be communicated, when, to whom, with what method, in which format, and how frequently. Which of the following is NOT a tool and technique in this process?

90. To improve the proficiency of team members, it is very essential to coach and mentor them regularly. Which of the following can help the project manager ensure the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring?

91. As an employee, working conditions, salary, status, and job security matter a lot to you, just like they do to your other coworkers. However, you feel that you will be more motivated and will contribute more if you are rewarded for your contribution to a project and given the opportunity to grow professionally. Which motivational theory does this refer to?

92. While determining the funds needed for your project, you obtained historical information from previous projects to determine the price per square foot of carpeting and to calculate the cost of 20,000 square feet of carpeting that is required for this project. Which technique did you use to create the estimate?

93. The flexibility or total float in a schedule is measured by subtracting the early dates from the late dates. Which one of the following will help you identify the flexibility in your schedule?

94. You recently completed the SOW detailing the specifications and other requirements for an expensive item you would like to purchase for one of your projects. While working on the SOW, you identified some of the source selection criteria, terms and conditions, and the contract type that you want to use. Also, you put together some documents to solicit proposals from potential vendors. What tools and techniques will you use in the next process?

95. An independent team from your organization has identified wasted steps that are not necessary for creating the product for your project. They have recommended a few actions for process improvement and have requested that some of the process documents be updated. Which of the following best describes what is being performed?

96. Emotional Intelligence (EI) helps assess and understand the emotions of oneself and others so that conflicts are minimized. Besides, EI is used describe a key set of personal and interpersonal skills. What are the personal skills?

97. You have been managing a software application project to automate the accounting system for your client. Your team has completed work as specified in the contract statement of work. You get a call from the buyer that he is disappointed with the result, even though he admits that the project team has met the terms and conditions of the contract. In this situation, the contract is considered to be:

98. You are a Project Manager of a software project that has finished the design stage and is moving to the implementation stage. At the end of the design phase, you got the document reviewed and you tracked and closed the defect logs. Also, as part of the design stage review and kick-off for the implementation phase, you checked current SPI and CPI and revisited the risks. What did you forget to do?

99. While overseeing the development of a new wireless media streaming device, you notice that your team members are having significant difficulties resolving an issue that they have discovered during unit testing. After working on the issue for a week, the team members identify a number of possible causes for the issue and narrow them down to two main causes. You ask the team members to determine if there is any interdependency between these two causes that would necessitate further action. Which of the following tools would be the BEST to use in this situation?

100. It is essential that project team members demonstrate compliance to ethical and professional standards. These standards include responsibility, ________, fairness, and honesty

101. You are overseeing a construction project to build identical custom houses. Your initial estimate suggests that each of the houses will take approximately two months to complete at a cost of $50,000. The sponsor strongly disagrees with your estimate. What is a reason for this?

102. Depending on the specific business and business environment, there are various different compliance categories. Which of the following is not a compliance category?

103. At the end of each iteration or sprint, teams organize and conduct sprint reviews to confirm and update the completion of the user stories that were planned to be delivered during the sprint. This results in the creation of capability that is defined as:

104. Steve, the project manager for an ERP implementation project, was asked by the client via a change request to delay the implementation of one of the modules by one week. What should Steve do first in this situation?

105. The cost baseline is displayed as an S-curve because of the way project spending occurs. This S-curve indicates that:

106. A Project manager must foster a culture where team members establish and maintain good relationships with each other and engage effectively. Which of the following are required to build the team?

107. Which of the following can be used to manage and store all documents, correspondence, and communication relevant to a contract?

108. During the execution of a project, one of the team members was found to be sharing sensitive information related to the project with unauthorized stakeholders, which is considered a violation of the code of conduct. What would be the best course of action a project manager can take?

109. Retrospective is an event defined in the Agile framework that provides an opportunity to reflect upon performance and identify problems, resolutions, improvements, etc. The best model to run retrospective includes the following steps: Set the stage, Gather the data, Generate insights, and _____________.

110. You have a signed contract with one of your major vendors. The vendor recently informed you that they can no longer deliver equipment on the agreed due date. This will cause a major disaster in your project since you will have to wait at least three months for the vendor to deliver the equipment. You know that there is another vendor who can deliver the equipment for a small increase in costs. What will be your best course of action?

111. According to McClelland’s Achievement Motivation theory, individuals who work best when cooperating with others and working in a team, seek to maintain good relationships and approval rather than recognition, and perform well in a customer-facing team position have a need for ________.

112. A stakeholder register contains stakeholder classification, identification, and assessment information. It also points out challenges related to working with the stakeholders as well as the project manager’s impression of their knowledge, skills, capabilities, and attitudes. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the stakeholder register?

113. While reviewing the stakeholder engagement assessment matrix, you notice that one of the important stakeholders is at an unaware state at the moment and has no clue about what is going on in your project. As this stakeholder can contribute significantly to your project success, you decide to bring him to a “supportive” or “leading” state. Which of the following will help you to achieve your goal with this stakeholder?

114. The higher management in your organization is very averse to risk. While planning the procurement strategy, you would like to make sure that you select the contract type that will have the least risk for the organization. Which of the following contract options will be best in this scenario?

115. You are responsible for delivering a few expensive pieces of equipment to a hospital in a foreign country. As per the agreement, your company is responsible for moving the equipment all the way to the nineteenth floor of the client’s premises. Your local contact informs you that you need to pay a certain fee to the lift operator for coordinating the movement of the equipment through the elevator to the specific floor at night. What should you do in this situation?

116. Regular evaluation of the team performance is required to identify training requirements and evaluate training options. Which of the following is NOT a training option?

117. Your management has asked you to lead a team to negotiate and finalize a deal with one of the vendors. While negotiating, you will NOT be focused on:

118. You are overseeing a large data center project and have requested bids from several vendors to procure numerous networking devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, PCs, servers, etc. You decide to go for the lowest bidder since all the bidders are offering devices from the same manufacturer. Senior management suggests that you conduct a bidder conference prior to selecting a specific seller. Which of the following mandatory standards in the PMI code of ethics and professional conduct will the bidder conference satisfy?

119. While reviewing a deliverable due today to the customer, you noticed a technical defect. Upon further inspection, you realize that even though the deliverable fails to meet the project quality standards, it fully satisfies the contractual requirements. You are aware that the customer does not have the domain knowledge and technical expertise to notice the defect. The team member responsible for this deliverable tells you that fixing the defect will be time consuming and superfluous. What is your best course of action?

120. You are overseeing a project to implement a new computer infrastructure at the local hospital. You are finding it difficult to evaluate the exact cost impact of some risks identified in the project. In this kind of situation, you should consider evaluating on a _______.

121. You have been managing a top-secret government project, which has been progressing as planned until recently. Suddenly, one of your team members calls and informs you that the project has encountered an unexpected major problem that was not included in the risk register. What should be your first course of action?

122. While overseeing a web-based application project, you notice that one of the team members is extremely dedicated to the project and is a consistent overachiever. In order to appreciate her contribution to the project, you offer her a corner office where she can concentrate on her work without much interruption. This kind of reward is a:

123. It is important to realize that stakeholders play a major role in project success. Which of the following is NOT necessary to ensure that stakeholders’ expectations are managed properly throughout the life of a project?

124. One of your team members informs you that she has identified a design defect that will delay the project by two weeks. You check the risk register and realize that no response plan for this situation had been documented. What action should you take FIRST?

125. For effective evaluation of virtual team engagement, a project manager defines the guidelines based on Project Management best practices. This involves tracking the progress, conducting daily stand-up meetings, using appropriate tools, and ___________.

126. You recently awarded a contract to a vendor after rigorous negotiation. You realize that you have missed a few important clauses that you wanted to include in the contract. You decide to modify the contract and include time is of the essence and retainage clauses. How should you proceed in this case?

127. You are managing a project to build a new plant for a semiconductor company. You just found out that the entire site was badly affected by a severe tornado, and your newly developed structures were destroyed. Your client demands that you continue work despite the disaster and refuses to take any responsibility for the damage or allow you a time extension. You reviewed the contract and found a clause that states that you are not responsible for any more work. This is referred to as:

128. You are approaching the end of your project and are asked to release the resources so that they can be assigned to other projects. Before releasing the resources, you want to make sure that you have completed certain necessary actions. Which of the following is the correct order of actions that you should take during the Closing process?

129. Your team members have sent you their weekly updates on the deliverables they are working on. While reviewing updates from the team members, you find out that the CPI = 1.1 and SPI = 1. What should you do next with the results of your analysis?

130. A project manager overseeing an age verification online tool is in the Control Procurements process of ensuring that the seller’s performance meets contractual requirements, ensuring that both seller and buyer meet their contractual obligations, and ensuring that the legal rights of both the buyer and seller are protected. Which of the following tools and techniques is not used in this process?

131. Which of the following integration management processes is responsible for implementing process improvement activities?

132. You have been assigned to create a diagram that will demonstrate the logical relationships that exist between activities. You are also asked to display how long the project activities will take. Which of the following methods will you utilize to achieve this goal?

133. You recently took over a project from a senior project manager who just left the company. You realize that several team members lack critical skills to carry out the project activities. The previous manager also mentioned that many of the team members will need specialized training. Which of the following actions should you take next to identify the appropriate training for the team members?

134. Scrum, an agile practices, uses ceremonies that help in establishing the cadence of meeting and preparing the report of the project as it progresses. The agile ceremonies include Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-up, Sprint Review and __________.

135. A cost plus incentive fee (CPIF) contract has an estimated cost of $250,000 with a predetermined fee of $15,000. If the seller can save the buyer any money, the sharing ratio will be 75/25 (buyer/seller). The maximum fee is $24,000, and the minimum fee is $8,000. The actual cost of the project is $225,000. What will be the final fee for the seller and the total savings for the buyer?

136. As a project manager, you have managed several projects in your organization. You notice that not all the projects are given the proper support and importance from higher management. You also notice that projects get terminated while they are in progress due to other higher-priority projects in the organization. You will be managing an IT project soon and want to make sure that your project will get the required support from the organization. What will be your best course of action?

137. While managing an ERP project, you realize the targeted project end date will be delayed by several days. Upon further investigation, you identify some activities that can be performed in parallel. You also realize that you have not fully utilized some of your resources in the project. What will be the BEST course of action in this situation?

138. Which of the following is NOT true about the goal and objective of a bidding conference?

139. In a negotiated cost plus incentive fee (SPIF) contract, the following figures were finalized: a target cost of $355,000, a target fee of $45,000, and a sharing ratio of 75/25. If the actual cost of the project is $390,000, what will be the final fee to the seller?

140. In the data center project that you are managing, you identified several internal and external restrictions or limitations that will affect the performance of a process within the project. Which of the following BEST identifies these issues?

141. You have been assigned to identify the key stakeholders for an internal project that has recently been formally approved. Which of the following is your starting point?

142. Every team member comes from different backgrounds and experiences. A project manager should engage with them to understand these diversities and ensure team effectiveness. What are the various diversities a project manager should consider?

143. Your team has estimated that there is a 40 percent probability of a delay in the receipt of required parts with an additional cost of $15,000 to the project. This delay will cost the company $20,000 in lost business. Upon further investigation, you identified that if an existing component could be adapted, it would save the project $10,500 in engineering costs. There is a 30 Percent probability that the team can take advantage of that opportunity. What is the total expected monetary value (EMV) of these two events?

144. You are overseeing a project to implement a payroll application and are currently in the Identify Risks process of identifying and documenting the projects risks. Which of the following information gathering techniques is NOT used in the Identify Risks process?

145. Which of the following is TRUE about stakeholders?

146. Which process is MOST closely associated with continuous process improvement?

147. You are trying to identify and categorize as many potential risks as possible in the mission critical project that you are overseeing. Which of the following will NOT help you with your effort?

148. The cost of developing a product fix is related to which costs of quality category?

149. Which of the following statements is FALSE about qualified sellers list in a project?

150. The change control board just approved a change request to modify one of the major deliverables. In which process will this change be implemented?

151. You have been assigned as a project manager for a project expected to last five months. The project has a budget of $450,000 and should be implemented in three different departments in your organization. While reviewing the status of the project after two months, you find that the project is 35 percent complete. Which of the following statements is TRUE about your project?

152. Your organization has the resources only to work on one of two potential projects and decides to use the net present value (NPV) to assess and select the best project for the organization. Project Alpha has an NPV of $45,000 and Project Beta has an NPV of $60,000. Project Alpha will take 3 years to complete and Project Beta will take 4 years. What will be the opportunity cost of the project chosen?

153. Project teams involve various stages of development. What is the correct order of various team development stages?

154. You have been appointed as a project manager in a hospital. While working on a project, you find that your employer is violating several codes issued by the local health department. What should be your first action in this situation?

155. A project comes to halt when team members come across impediments, obstacles, and blockers. Which of the following does not describe an impediment, obstacle, or blocker?

156. Higher management has assigned you as the project manager very early in the project life cycle for a very critical project. You are asked to start working on the project charter immediately. Which of the following activities will you NOT be performing?

157. You are a project manager struggling with your communication skills. You like to keep to yourself unless prompted for your input. On the other hand, Steve is highly regarded by everyone and very well liked. You consider Steve to be your role model as he is capable of getting others to see his way on many issues. What type of power does Steve possess?

158. While managing an ERP solution implementation project, you realize that you are not utilizing your resources evenly in the project. You find out that you are using almost all of your resources in some work weeks and hardly using any in some other work weeks. You consider moving around some of the activities and resources so that you can utilize your resources evenly throughout the project life cycle. Which of the following techniques would you use?

159. Ashley, a senior project manager, recently took over a project from another project manager who just left the company. Ashley was surprised to find out that there was no change control board to review, approve, or deny a change request for the project. Upon further investigation, she found that there was no organizational change control board to manage changes for the entire organization. What should Ashley do in this situation?

160. As a project manager, you have collected information about Sabrina, a team member, from multiple sources, including other team members and management staff. You have identified several areas for improvement for Sabrina that you want to discuss with her. You are particularly concerned that Sabrina is having a lot of conflicts with other team members. During your one-on-one meeting, both of you agree on a training program to address the conflicts with other team members. You ensure that Sabrina understands she needs to submit her status and progress reports at the beginning of every week. Which action are you currently engaged in with Sabrina?

161. There is an issue with one of the manufacturing processes that is used to create the required parts for routers and switches that your company produces. What should you use to identify the cause of this issue and the effect it may have on your project?

162. While creating the stakeholder register, you realize that some of the stakeholders can negatively impact your project. Which of the following elements should you NOT include in your stakeholder register?

163. What are the end results of the Plan Quality Management process?

165. When conflict occurs in a project, it has to be resolved following a specific approach based on the conflict type. Which of the following is NOT a conflict resolution technique?

166. Active involvement of the project stakeholders is essential to ensure that information and knowledge is shared regularly so that better visibility of the project status can be obtained. The team also builds trust while engaging regularly. Which of the following is most effective at building trust among stakeholders?

167. Your sponsor is not happy with the cost estimate you submitted for a construction project. The sponsor suggested that you come up with an exceptionally accurate cost estimate at your earliest convenience. What will be your best course of action in this situation?

168. You are overseeing the ERP implementation project that will cost the company $1 million and will take three years to complete. Six months into the project, higher management decides to terminate your project as it finds an off-the-shelf solution that can be implemented in three months at a fraction of the planned cost. What is the first thing you should do in a situation when your project no longer seems commercially viable for the company?

169. You are overseeing a software project to develop a new video console game. Which of the following statements is TRUE about your project?

170. While overseeing a new smartphone application development project, you notice that your team is measuring the quality of an item on a pass/fail basis. Which of the following methods is the team using?

171. You decide to use a technique called rolling wave planning in your web-based insurance and tax payment application project. Which of the following may be your key reason for selecting this technique?

172. Your PMO stipulates that plurality support is the minimum level of support for any major decision in a project. You disagree with a block of supporters on a plan to purchase a piece of expensive equipment for your project. This block is larger than any other in your team even though it is only 45 percent of the total team. What should you do in this kind of situation?

173. You have been assigned as a project manager for an ongoing project and asked to provide activity duration estimates as soon as possible. You are surprised to find out that there is no detailed information available on the project. You explore your organizational process assets and identify a few similar projects that had been completed in the past. Which of the following tools are you using?

174. A control chart measures the results of processes over time, displays them in a graph format, and measures variances to determine whether process variances are in control or out of control. The upper and lower control limits are usually set as:

175. The constant contribution by team members results in the continual delivery of the project outputs and outcomes that compliment project objectives. Which of the following are important for making team members more proficient?

176. You are overseeing a project to implement an online travel package reservation system that has 6 sponsors and 13 stakeholders. You want to make sure that your project stakeholders receive the correct version of the product. Which of the following plans will you use to specify how versioning information will be tracked?

177. Workarounds, or unplanned responses to emerging risks that were previously unidentified or accepted, are determined during _______.

178. There are 36 communication channels in your project. How many members do you have in your team?

179. While identifying risks in your project, your team cannot find an efficient way to reduce the impact and probability or to insure against one of the risks. The relevant work is integral to the project; thus, you cannot simply remove the work package. There is no suitable company to outsource the work to either. What is the best course of action in this situation?

180. You notice that you are not utilizing your resources evenly in the project. You want to apply resource leveling by moving some of your activities from a week when you are using a lot of resources to a week when you are hardly using any. Which of the following tools and techniques would be a good choice in this situation?

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