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[22] years of experience in project industry Enterprise Agility & Business Transformation Strategist


About the FREE Certification Mentoring Offer for Students

Paraklete Institute – a Global Premier Industry Certification Education Provider in Project Management, in partnership with the Project Management Institute (PMI USA) is offering 1,000 Free Scholarships to University Students across Africa to upskill and lead transformation in the business world, as well as prepare for careers in the project industry.

Training Outline 1

What you will Learn:

Understanding the concept of Project management, its importance in career and business success and the key roles and responsibility of a project manager.
Defining project objectives and scope, conducting stakeholder analysis and Identifying project requirements and constraints
Developing a project plan, Creating a work breakdown structure, Estimating project duration and resources and Creating a project schedule.
Tracking project performance and milestones, Conducting regular project status meetings, and Implementing change control processes and Managing project quality.
Analyzing successful project management case studies, Learning from project failures and challenges and applying project management principles to real-world scenarios.

Training Outline 2

Mastering Adaptive Methodologies (Agile, LEAN, Scrum, Disciplined Agile) for creating High Performance Teams and Innovative Products

What you will Learn:

 Understanding the need for adaptive methodologies in today’s rapidly changing business environment
Overview of Agile, Lean, Scrum, and Disciplined Agile methodologies
Benefits and challenges of adopting adaptive methodologies
Characteristics of high-performance teams
Strategies for building and nurturing high-performance teams
Team empowerment and self-organization
Effective communication and collaboration within teams
-Analyzing successful implementations of adaptive methodologies
Learning from challenges and failures
Applying adaptive methodologies to real-world scenarios

Training Outline 3

Exploring The Generative AI Data Landscape And Digital Marketing Automation Tools

What you will Learn:

Understanding the concept of generative AI and its applications in various industries 
Exploring different types of generative AI algorithms and models
Examining the impact of generative AI on digital marketing and automation
Introduction to digital marketing automation and its benefits for businesses
Exploring popular digital marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Mailchimp
Understanding how to leverage these tools for email marketing, social media management, lead nurturing, and campaign tracking.
Identifying new opportunities for businesses and marketers in leveraging generative AI and automation
Discussing the potential impact of generative AI on the future of digital marketing

Training Outline 3

An Executive Overview of PMI CERTIFICATIONS and career Trajectories (Career Alignment Course)

What you will Learn:

Overview of PMI and its role in project management
Importance of PMI certifications in the industry
Prerequisites for each certification
Educational and professional experience requirements
Key competencies and areas of expertise covered in each certification
How each certification enhances project management skills
Potential job roles and responsibilities with each certification
Industry demand and growth prospects for PMI-certified professionals
Salary ranges and earning potential
Matching career goals with the appropriate PMI certification

Training Outline 3

Learning Outcomes

Scrum Foundation Certification
Disciplined Agile Basics Certificate
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certification
Project Management Fundamentals Certificate
Project KickOFF Simulation Badge
Digital Marketing and Sales Automation Certification
Upon Completion, Students Get To Share A Badge Global Prize Award Contest (scholarships, Achievement CERTIFICATEs, etc.).
360 Degree mastery of the project world of work and Industry, mega job trends, the role of project Management in building innovative world class products and enterprises, and how to successfully transition from idea to realization of any dream or vision.
Immediate Profesional recognition – professionally developed CVs and linked Profiles
Sound Professional Orientation on How to successfully transition from “SCHOOL-TO-BOSS with complete INDUSTRY-READINESS for HIGH EARNING POTENTIAL
Through dynamic, interactive activities, students can simulate managing a project from start to finish. The course integrates a toolkit of templates into the learning journey so that students can utilize all the resources available on our web app and know how to effectively use them.

How To Participate

Simply apply through the website link sent to you and our program enrolment team will proceed to onboard you on to the training program.

Thank You

Our Training Philosoph

PERFORMANCE MATURITY. Practical Skills Development & Hands-on Application- focused; Developing Capacity and Capability to handle any type and size of project with ease

GLOBAL POSITIONING: Increased Value, Relevance & Impact

CERTIFICATION READY: Certification Readiness via robust assessment simulator tools and real-world evaluation benchmarks