PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®

The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)® highlights your ability to identify and assess project risks, mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities. In this capacity, you enhance and protect the needs of your organization.
Gaining distinction as a PMI-RMP® sets you apart from other professionals and brings credit to your organization.

Risk management addresses the fact that certain events or conditions—whether expected or unforeseeable during the planning process—may occur with impacts on portfolio, program, and project objectives. These impacts can be positive or negative and may cause deviation from the intended objectives. Risk management processes allow for proactively planning to capture opportunities and limit threats.

Any project, program or portfolio involves risks. By using a structured approach, project managers can effectively manage uncertainties resulting from projects and make informed decisions that reduce threats and maximize opportunities.


The PMI Risk Management Professional certification “PMI-RMP®” was introduced by the PMI® Project Management Institut to meet the growing demands of expert project practitioners in Risk Management, and endow them with internationally recognized competence.


This training allows you to master best methods of project risk management in order to effectively prepare for PMI-RMP® certification.


Training objectives

  • Identify the core principles for risk management;
  • Describe the fundamentals of risk management and the environment within which it is carried out;
  • Define the risk management life cycle; and
  • Apply risk management principles to the portfolio, program, and project domains within the context of an enterprise risk management approach.
  • Understand the good practices of risk management according to the PMI®
  • Manage risks effectively for the success of projects
  • Be able to create a risk management plan and risk mapping with customizable templates
  • Know how to measure the impact of risks in terms of time and costs with quantitative analysis tools
  • Learn the tips and tricks for effectively answering the PMI-RMP® exam questions
  • Support participants in putting together their registration file for the PMI-RMP® exam



  • Have experience in project risk management
  • Acceptable level of English


Who is qualified to do PMI-RMP?

It is primarily addressed to portfolio, program, and project managers, but is a useful tool for leaders in risk management, business consumers of risk management, and other stakeholders in the portfolio, program, and project management professions. Specifically to:

  • Company managers
  • Director of Programs
  • Risk Managers at project, program, portfolio and enterprise operations levels,
  • Risk Management Consultant
  • Senior project manager
  • Anyone from a project team with experience in project risk management

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