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Becoming a mentor on a course site can be a rewarding experience where you get to share your expertise, guide learners, and contribute to their growth and development. Here are some details about becoming a mentor on a course site:
  1. Content Creation: As a mentor, you may be responsible for creating course materials such as video lectures, presentations, quizzes, and assignments.

  2. Guidance and Support: Provide guidance and support to learners by answering questions, providing feedback on assignments, and facilitating discussions.

  3. Engagement: Foster engagement and interaction among learners by creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

  4. Updates and Improvements: Continuously update and improve course content based on feedback and changes in the field.

  5. Community Building: Build a sense of community among learners by encouraging collaboration, networking, and peer learning.

  6. Monitoring Progress: Monitor learners’ progress and provide encouragement and motivation to help them stay on track.

Our Mentors

James Killer

Microsoft Office lead Speaker


Fredric Martin

Google Office lead Speaker


Henri Robert

Apple Office lead Speaker